8th Grade Religion

May 11th- 15th

We are rapidly moving through Church history-  This week we are looking at the years 1000-1500 CE and the crusades.  You have another short Khan Academy Edpuzzle and an article to read/chart to complete.  Both are DUE FRIDAY MAY 15th AND ARE POSTED ON TEAMS.

Required class WED- Mansfield 9:00 and Thomas 9:45.  I will introduce you to our man Augustine of Hippo!


May 4th-8th

This week we move into the years 500-1000 CE.  You have on Edpuzzle video and a corresponding article/chart to complete.  Both are DUE FRIDAY MAY 8th and are posted on teams.

We have 2 required classes this week M/W Mansfield 9-9:40, Thomas 9:45-10:25.


April 27th- May 1st

This week you have 2 Church History videos to watch on Edpuzzle. You will also answer the “quiz” questions as they pop up.

When you click on the Edpuzzle link you will need to create an account- click on “use Edpuzzle to create account”- enter your user name and password and you are ready to go.

This is a new tool for me, so let me know if you have any difficulties accessing it or submitting/saving your work. The Edpuzzle videos/quizzes are posted on teams and are due on Friday.

We will also have a required lecture/discussion on Wednesday:

9:00 Mansfield

9:45 Thomas



April 20th-24th Assignment

Early Church History Jesus -100 AD

Read the Essay “Church History Jesus to AD 100”. Using the Essay and your previous 2 lessons about Paul and the early spread of Christianity (the power point and Khan Academy lesson) answer the questions on the chart. **the chart and essay are posted on your teams page**

Assignment is due Friday, April 24th. Assignment may be typed or handwritten- please submit your completed chart to teams.



8th grade- week 3 assignment

March 30th-April 3rd

To Do:

Watch the Khan Academy lesson and answer the following questions:


  1. What does the word apostle mean?
  2. Who is considered the 1st apostle or 1st pope and is considered the head of the church?
  3. Tarsus is located in modern day __________________
  4. In what book of the Bible do we first hear about Paul?
  5. Where is the center of Paul’s missionary “operation” or the base for his missionary work?
  6. What is significant about the Church in Antioch?
  7. Does Paul believe the gospel should be spread just to the Jews or the both the Jews and Gentiles?

Assignment is Due Friday, April 3rd. You may type or write your answers. Please submit assignment through teams.

8th Grade March 25th Assignment

Due Friday, March 27th, 3:00pm

Read the passage from Acts and answer the questions- you may write or type your answers- please submit your answers to teams

Acts 9:1-30



  1. Why is Saul/Paul heading to Damascus?
  2. What happens to Paul as he is on the road to Damascus? ( verses 3-9)
  3. Who is Ananias and what does God ask him to do? (verses 10-12)
  4. Why doesn’t Ananias want to follow God’s wishes? (verses 13-16)
  5. What happens when Ananias visits Paul? (verses 17-19)
  6. Are you surprised at how quickly Paul changes his behavior from persecuting ALL believers in Jesus to fervently preaching about Jesus? Why or Why not? ( verses 20-30)


March 23rd- Week 2: Assignment 1 (Due Wednesday 9:00am)

Watch the power point on Saul/Paul. (power point posted on teams and a link was sent in your 365 email) Take notes on the following questions in your religion notebook. Submit a photo of your notes to teams- Due Wednesday, March 25th 9:00am

Slide 2:   Paul’s early years- Where was Saul/Paul born?  Where is this city located and why was this city influential?

Slide 3:   Paul’s trade- What was Paul’s trade?  Why was he able to continue this job when he was traveling as a missionary/apostle?

Slides 4/5/6: Pharisee/Sadducee- What is a Pharisee? What is a Sadducee? Which was Paul? What does Paul consider himself an expert in?

Slides 7/8: What did Paul spend the first ½ of his life doing? Why did he believe this was the right thing to do?




Stations of the Cross example:

The Thirteenth Station

Mary: Jesus, I watch as your broken body is taken down from the cross. The emotion overcomes me. Sorrow that your life was taken, confusion about why you had to end up like this, and anger at the world for tormenting you like this. I want to scream, shout, tear the world apart. But as I looked more closely at your peaceful form, I felt something underlying my irrational overreaction. Faith and hope. It was then that I reclaimed my faith in God, I knew that God had a plan for us that was bigger than this.

Prayer: God, when the going gets tough in work, school, or any other activity, help me have faith in you and your plan for each and every one of us like Mary did when she saw Jesus being taken off the cross.


Here are the details for your Stations of the Cross Assignment:

  1. Read the reflections on St. James’s web page for Joan Brand Landkamer’s Station
     2.  Watch the following Stations of the Cross reflections video on youtube
     3.   Spend some time on the Catholic Online website- look at the written prayers and youtube reflections for the stations
Assignment Due Friday March 20th at 3:00pm
-Write a reflection and prayer to go with your Station.  You may write the reflection from the perspective of Jesus or the individual(s) he is interacting with.  For example- Station 6 “Veronica wipes the face of Jesus” could be written from the perspective of Veronica and how she was feeling as she interacted with Jesus that day, or from the perspective of Jesus and how He felt when Veronica showed Him kindness that day.  Use the websites and resources listed above to help you write your reflection and prayer.  
Grading Rubric:
1 point- Reflection directly connects to the station
1 point- Reflection is written in the first person (Jesus or individual He is interacting with-  for example-Mary, the crowd, Veronica, Simon, etc)
1 point- Reflection is clear and easy to read
1 point -Prayer connects the station to our everyday experience (example- “God help us to show kindness and generosity, even when it is hard, like Veronica did when she stepped out of the crowd and wiped away the sweat and tears from your face”)
1 point- Prayer is clear and easy to read