7th Grade Religion

May 11th-15th

We are beginning our unit on prayer this week.  Read the intro chapter on prayer and answer the questions- POSTED ON TEAMS AND DUE FRIDAY MAY 15th.

We DO NOT have a video class this week, in addition to the reading this week we are working on preparing for our MDI food drive next week.


May 4th- May 8th

This week is our MDI focus week, we will plan out MDI social distancing service project and will also have the chance to listen to 3 people share their stories of discipleship and vocation.  The videos and corresponding questions are posted on teams and are due Friday, May 8th.

We have live classes on M/W at 10:30-11:10, these are required classes. Be sure to sign in to the chat when you join the call so that I can count you for attendance.


April 27-May 1st

Excellent work on your project proposals! I have combined your ideas into 3 possible projects. Your job is to use the MDI rubric help you choose the project that you believe most aligns with “God’s Mission”. Then you may either record a “flipgrid video” or submit a written paragraph explaining which project you chose and why. Be sure to include further constraints we need to consider, and any other reasons you want to do this project. The three project ideas, the rubric, and the flipgrid code/link are all listed on teams. This project is Due FRIDAY, May 1st.



April 20th-24th Assignment

MDI Project

Assignment: Using the data and websites from your previous couple of assignments, you are to design a service project for our class to do during the school closure to help meet the needs of Seattle area school children who are no longer receiving free and reduced lunches.

Answer the following questions:

1. Explain why this group of students are marginalized, how the school closure affects them, and how many children (according to the stats we looked at) are currently in need of meals.
2. What are the current constraints we will need to work around or take into consideration when designing a service project.
3. What are biggest needs for this group of students right now?

4. Come up with at least one service project idea that allows us to help this particular group of marginalized individuals in our community. You can partner with the outreach organizations we researched, find another site or outreach organization to partner with, or be creative and come up with an original service project idea.

**Be specific in your project plan, include details and things that may make this project challenging.

Assignment due Friday, April 24th- you may type or write your assignment. Please submit your assignment through teams.



7th Grade Week 3 assignment

March 30th– April 3rd

Social Justice and Covid-19

To Do:

Watch the Power Point (posted on teams) summarizing key points from your data research last week.

take notes on the following in your religion notebook( or if easier, feel free to type notes in a word document):

-write down the correct stats from our research last week (slides 1-4)

-how many loans were given out by the 8 major banks to residents in the Rainier Valley and Central District between 1970-1974? (slide 6)

-what is our responsibility to the marginalized according to our Catholic Faith (slide 9)

-Look at the sites listed on the final slide of the Power Point (slide 12)

-write down each site and what they are doing to help marginalized individuals, especially school age children, during the Covid-19 crisis. (slide 12)

Take a photo of your notes and submit it through teams (or submit your word document if you typed your notes) Due Friday, April 3rd

March 23rd- Week 2 Assignment:

Marginalized individuals in our community are being greatly affected the corona virus.  School closures not only affects education but also has a huge impact on families struggling with food insecurities.

This weeks assignment- please submit your assignment to teams- Due Friday, March 27th at 3:00pm

Part 1:

Go to the SPS Demographics Page– click on the link “October Free & Reduced Lunch by Race and Ethnicity”  Answer the  following questions:


  1. Using the 2018 data approximately how many students enrolled in k-5, 6-8 and 9-12 receive free and reduced lunches?
  2.  Using the 2018 data which ethnicity has the highest number of students receiving free/reduced lunches?
  3.  Using the 2018 data which ethnicity has the lowest number of students receiving free/reduced lunches?

Part 2:

Watch the video “Adam Ruins the Suburbs” and answer the following questions:


  1. What is redlining?
  2. How do you think redlining practices in Seattle relate to the number of minorities who receive free/reduced lunches in Seattle
  3. How does this relate to our Catholic Social Justice Principles listed below?

*Life and Dignity of the Human Person


*Care for God’s Creation

*Call to Family, Community, and Participation

*Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

*Rights and Responsibilities

*Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers






March 18th

Morning 7th grade-  Thank you for your work on your MDI questionnaire.  I will be reading through those throughout the day and look forward to seeing your ideas about service projects.
As you know, the Covid 19 is affecting all of us and certainly is having an impact on the more marginalized individuals in our neighborhoods- Next week we will look at some specific groups most affected by this virus and see how organizations all around us are stepping up to meet needs.
Your next assignment is to read the chapter from Matthew Kelley’s book “Decision Point” and answer the three questions on the final page.
-DUE  THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 20th at 3:00pm. 
-Typed answers are best, but I know many of you are sharing devices with your siblings or parents, so if you need to handwrite your answers that is fine.
 -Please submit your assignment in Teams (if you are still struggling with how to do this email me and we will trouble shoot together- also if you have helpful tips of how to best use teams, email them to me and I will pass them on to your classmates) . 
Let me know if you have any questions!  I miss you all very much and love hearing from you through out the day!
Mrs. M


Service Project topics:

Here are the 5 areas for you to choose from for your questionnaire/service project ideas:

  1. Care for creation
  2. Immigration and Displaced People
  3. Education
  4. Gender Equality
  5. Economic Justice and Poverty

Your questionnaire is due WEDNESDAY at 3pm .


Let me know if you have questions