April 3rd

Good morning- Happy Friday!  Today is a work day- it is a day for you to complete this weeks assignments and get caught up on any past/missing work.  Check power school for late/missing assignments.  Let me know if you need any help or have any questions about any of your missing work.  I am happy to help you make a plan for getting caught up.  We are in this together!!
Mrs. Mansfield

April 2nd

A reminder that your assignment for week 3  is due tomorrow.  Please submit this assignment to teams. Also make sure you are starting to check powerschool.  It can be challenging to keep up on all of your various assignments, teachers are starting to mark missing/late assignments into the grade book on powerschool to help you keep track of what you have/haven’t turned in. If you see that you are missing assignments- email me.  I will help you put together a plan for completing past assignments.  I know this is a challenging time and I want to help you be successful.
Mrs. Mansfield

Update 8th Grade

8th grade- we will NOT be having our on line class on Thursday AM as originally planned.  We will connect via video next week.

April 1st

Good Morning- It is Wednesday which means 1/2 way through week 3!  Great work.
Video Classes for 6th and 7th grade are today!  8th grade your call is tomorrow-
To Do:
Log in to teams at your appointed time and click “join meeting”
Mute your mic
Turn off your video
Turn on chat (you will see “…” on the tool bar in the middle of the screen, if you click this it turns on chat
Say “hi” in the chat so I know you are in the class
We will use the chat features for questions/comments so that the class remains organized/less chaotic.
I look forward to seeing you all later today or tomorrow, please email me if you will be unable to attend the class and I will let you know how to access the recorded content.
Mrs. Mansfield

March 31st

Good Morning, It is Tuesday- and the last day of March!  I am missing you all a lot this week.  Your energy, the way you hit the top of the doorway every time you enter or exit the classroom, the way you check the clock on the phone(even though there is a bright orange digital clock right in front of you) every time you sign in-out to use the bathroom, your excited chatter at the beginning and end of each class (and during, let’s be honest), your puzzled looks, TikTok moves (sooo many moves-all of the time), entertaining questions, caring exchanges, helpful attitudes, and most of all the way you make me laugh. I am missing YOU!
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  Mr. Rogers
Video Class Schedule:
Wednesday, April 1st
10:45 Rzegocki
12:30 Tice
1:30 Sullivan
2:15 Brumback
Thursday, April 2nd 
9:00 Mansfield
9:30 Thomas
I am still deciding if we will use teams or zoom, I will decide today and send out the link in an email later this afternoon.
Keep your emails coming!  I am here to help and love hearing from you!