Lent and Rice Bowls

“Lent is the favorable season for renewing our encounter with Christ, living in his Word, in the sacraments and in our neighbor.” —Pope Francis



A letter from CRS about Rice Bowls

Dear Families,

During Lent our community will participate in CRS Rice Bowl, a faith-in-action program that invites us to encounter our neighbor, as companions on the journey, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

We will reflect on how an encounter with our neighbor can be transformative. We will see how our prayers, fasting and alms can support those worldwide who are forced to flee their homes to find safety or better opportunities.

As we prepare for this holy season, it is especially meaningful to come together in prayer as a family. Reflecting on the crosses of hunger, poverty and war carried by our brothers and sisters forced to flee their homes, we have an opportunity to also reflect on our roles in caring for them as members of our human family.

Please consider these suggestions in your family’s Lenten plan:

Use your CRS Rice Bowl and Lenten Calendar daily to guide your prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

  • Read the Stories of Hope and daily reflections to inspire your Lenten journey— and guide your Lenten almsgiving.
  • Prepare simple, meatless meals on the Fridays of Lent to eat in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world.


Visit crsricebowl.org/stories to watch videos of the people and communities you support through your Lenten gifts to CRS Rice Bowl.


We will collect your CRS Rice Bowls at the end of Lent, so stay tuned to learn more.


Thank you for participating in CRS Rice Bowl with your family.


P.S. Did you know that CRS Rice Bowl has a web page specifically for families? Visit crsricebowl.org/families for activities that will help your family grow in our Catholic faith this Lenten season.




 In Religion we are CELEBRATING Catholic School Week

January 29 through February 3, 2018

Vocation Speakers all week 

Monday, January 29 – Celebrating Your Community & Nation

  • Students are asked to bring a can of food for St. Vincent de Paul
  • Free dress

Tuesday, January 30 – Celebrating Our Volunteers

  • Thank classroom volunteers
  • Crazy Sock Day


Wednesday, January 31 – Celebrating Our Nation

  • Wear your favorite sweatshirt today
  • Enjoy singing America songs, review history of our beginnings, discuss sacrifices made to secure our freedoms

Thursday, February 1 – Celebrating Vocations/Teacher Appreciation Da

  • Students may dress like a teacher


Friday, February 2 – Celebrating Our Students

  • Purple and Gold Day – Homecoming activities- Purple and Gold Dress
  • FREE student lunch

Happy New Year 2018

Welcome back! Happy 2018

We will begin the new year with Second Step Unit 2 Lessons which focus on Friendships and Values

8th Graders will learn how to use their values to help them make good decisions, build strong relationships, and avoid negative relationships.

7th Graders will learn how to use their personal values to help them make good decisions and how values can help them build strong friendships

6th Graders will learn how to use their values to help them make good decisions and build strong friendships.

November 27-December 1


8th Grade link for UAM research

Missionary Discipleship ResearchUnit 1 Research Links – Google Docs



Topic Research Link
Care for Creation
Immigration and the Movement of Peoples United States


Gender Equality
Economic Justice and Poverty