March 6

Rice Bowl Spotlight: INDIA-Option for the Poor: Jesus tells us to care for those who are in most need in the world. He reminds us of our Christian duty to give a voice to those who go unheard and to help those who are most vulnerable

This Week in Middle School Religion

8th graders will…

*work on and present a chapter of Enrique’s Journey to the class

*write a person stance on Immigration

7th graders will…

*Research people to Encounter during Lent


*Use a rubric to assess Missionary Discipleship

6th graders will…

*Write a newspaper article on a major event in Moses’ life

*Watch and connect their prior learnings to the movie Prince of Egypt



February 27- March 3

Big week here at St John School! Accreditation Team will be here for their official visit. We are so proud to invite them into our school and to have them meet you, our students! Be proud!


This week in Middle School Religion


8th Graders will…

*prepare for Lent

*Actively participate in the faith tradition of Lent

*apply knowledge of Catholic Social Justice teachings to the topic of immigration

7th Graders will…

  • Prepare for Lent
  • *use a discernment process to choose a topic for Missionary Discipleship

*Look at case studies where the Church is currently addressing Case Studies How the Church Shows Love

*Use the  Rubric for Missionary Discipleship to assess Church activity and discuss whether it is authentic missionary discipleship

6th Graders will….

*Prepare for Lent.

*Explain how the Ten Commandments can be narrowed down to the two greatest commandments.

*Write the Commandments in modern language



February 22

This week in Middle School Religion

8th Graders will….

*begin our inter curricular unit based on the novel Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario

*Gather background knowledge about immigration in the United States Background for Enrique’s Journey

*Read the Prologue to Enrique’s Journey

*Begin to read.

7th Graders will…

*help prepare for Lent by creating bulletin boards, altars, and handing out rice bowls

*Understand the purpose of parables in the ministry of Jesus by completing parable task cards

SLE: Knowledge of Faith

6th graders will…

*connect the theological and cardinal virtues to Abraham-Moses



Week of February 13

This week in Middle School Religion

We will all celebrate Valentine’s Day with personal affirmations for our classmates in an activity called “Pass the plate”

8th graders will

…Learn about, write about, reflect upon the 7 Spiritual Works of Mercy

…Mrs. Halley’s homerooms will celebrate liturgy with their 1st grade buddies at 8:30 Wednesday

7th graders will…

…read about and discuss parables of the kingdom

6th graders will…

…continue their study of the Old Testament by learning about Moses



February 8-11

This week in Middle School Religion

8th graders will wrap up their unit on Juvenile Justice by looking at resources for action

8th Grade Juvenile Justice Call to Action Student Resources for Research and Service

7th Graders will focus on Prayer and will use the Prayer Process

6th Graders will continue their Old Testament study by becoming familiar with, and mapping, the story of Joseph and the Twelve tribes